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Name and qualifications

                 Summary of experience


Abdullahi Ali Hassan

Relevant Educational Qualifications

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), Jointly Administred by the United States of America and Somalia Institute for Development Administration and Management (SIDAM), and Stae University of New York at Suny, Albany
  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Technical Teacher’s Collage, Somali National University, Mogadishu, Somalia


Relevant Experience

He is a politician and a senior development and humanitarian professional with more than 30 years of experience in leadership working in governmental and non-profit organizations (national and international) and public organizations.

Policy Level: As a Minister, I was entrusted with the formulation and the implementation of policies, legal and regulatory frameworks and set priorities for trade and industry. I was responsible for Somalia’s trade, investment and industrial development portfolio. Carried out Ease of Doing Business Reform initiative, international trade facilitation and the establishment of key business and commercial related legislations such as Company law, trademark law, Bureau of Standards Act, Automated Business Registration System, Trade Information Portal, Public Private Dialogue, Trade policy, SME policy and industrial policy – to name but a few. I was also responsible for efforts to enhance trade relations with strategic partners and membership to international and regional trade blocs.

Technical Level: My professional experience include but not limited to strategic planning, operational management, development, implementation and management of programmes, providing oversight in finance and human resource, maintaining and developing relevant relationship and network with international and local organizations, governments, and donor agencies on matters of mutual interest; providing leadership and manging programmes funded by Oxfam and its affiliates, Diakonie Emergency Aid, Bread for the World, EU, DfID, Somali Stability Fund and UN agencies; leadership and coordination of public, community driven humanitarian development programmes aimed to improve quality of life for Somali people and build their capacities to move from vulnerability to self-reliance, from impoverishment to level of wellbeing allowing them to take charge of their development destiny.


Oversaw and coordinated the development and implementation of trade, investment and industrial development legislations and policies such as company law, Bureau of Standards Act and the establishment of the office, trademark, license law, trade policy, SME and industrial policy, to name but a few.

Led the initiation and the joint development of the Productive Sector Development Project bringing Ministries of Commerce, Agriculture, Livestock, Fishery and Labour on the Somali side, and UNIDO, FAO and ILO from the UN side.

Successful implementation of the Agro-technology project where Enterprise Units are established in Southwest, Jubaland, Banadir Region and Hirshabelle, and soon will reach throughout the country.

Responsible for engaging international partners in an effort to narrow trade imbalance and expand volume of trade between Somalia and strategic partners such as Turkey, Italy, Sudan, Egypt, Oman and Bahrain.

Negotiated trade and economic cooperation with international and regional trade blocs such as World Trade Organization (WTO), Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), Horn of Africa and Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA).

I was responsible the implementation of the business reform agenda which include Public Private Dialogue (PPD), Ease of Doing Business, One-Stop-Shop, trade information portal, SME and Industrial Development, and Industrial and Special Economic zones development.

I have been in the forefront implementing community projects that contribute to poverty reduction and safe lives of people displaced by conflict and natural disasters, and to help International and National efforts of improving people's lives and sustainable development.

From January-February 2017, I was one of the presidential candidates who run the office for the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

Working with the Ministry of Education, Somali National University and International German NGO, I spent and devoted much of my time helping disadvantage and marginalized groups in the society. From Secondary School Teacher at the Ministry of Education to Assistant Lecturer at the Somali National University, I have provided services to improve Somali people’s livelihood.

I also worked as Program Manager, Diakonie- Bread for the World Germany (DBG), an International NGO where I rose to serve as a member of the management team. I also worked as Head of Programs and member of the management team for Daryeel Bulsho Guud, a local NGO working in Somalia.

During my 30 years dedicated service to the humanitarian and development sector, and despite many security challenges, I have been in the forefront, implementing community projects that contribute to poverty reduction in an effort to improve the livelihood of displaced people as a result of conflict and natural disasters.

As a Director and Chair of the Board at CED, I led community projects with interventions focusing on emergency aid, education, livelihood, food security, water and sanitation and income generation programs designed to enhance community's resilience to the drought, famine, floods and conflicts and ultimately, save lives. I have also led the implementation of programs focusing on early recovery as well as sustainable development initiatives targeting the most vulnerable communities in Somalia.

Under my leadership, CED has implemented over 100 projects from 2005-2016. The projects were funded by different donors who included: OXFAM (NOVIB) and its affiliates from Oxfam International, e.g. OXFAM GB, OXFAM HONG-KONG, OXFAM QUEBEC amongst others and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, FAO, UNDP, WFP, UNHCR, UN-OCHA, UNICEF, CARE INETRNATIONAL, United Nations Agencies, Somali Stability Fund(SSF) and European Union.

This enabled CED to reach over 4.2 million people (IDPs and Host families) in Somalia. The diversity of donors, scope of projects implemented and number of beneficiaries reached only affirms my ability to build partnerships that help in mobilization of resources to fund programs that benefit the Somali people.



  1. 1.     Marital status::


  1. 2.     Date of birth:

December 12, 1964

  1. 3.     Nationality


  1. 4.     Contact information

Tel: +252-618000233, +25261-3333140


  1. 5.     Education and other qualifications
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), Jointly Administred by the United States of America and Somalia Institute for Development Administration and Management (SIDAM), and Stae University of New York at Suny, Albany, 05/1990
  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Technical and Commercial Teacher’s College, Somali National University, Mogadishu, Somalia, 11/1984
  1. 6.     Membership in professional organisations

Cabinet of Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia; Economic Committee, Trade Facilitation Committee for Somalia

  1. 7.     Other trainings and capabilities

June 3rd 2016: Participated in the consultation meeting “Update of the Somalia Roadmap for EU engagement with Civil Society held in Naivasha, Kenya.

January 25-27, 2015: Attended the 4th session of the General Assembly Meeting of Somalia South Central Non State Actors (SOSCENSA) held in Mogadishu, Somalia.

April 10th 2015: Attended the meeting on the formation of Somali Recovery and Resilience Consortium (SORAC) held in Nairobi, Kenya            

10th September 2014: Attended a stakeholder’s seminar on fresh analysis in humanitarian capacities and ways forward in Somalia held in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

26th -27th november 2014: Attended Project Inception Workshop Resilience Building for Afgoye Communities

July 8-10, 2012: Attended Oxfam Somalia Strategic Plan 2011-2015 review workshop held in Nairobi, Kenya.

27th September 2011: Participated in the Programme Review, Scenario Mapping and contingency planning Meeting held on 27th September 2011 at Oxfam Novib Office in Nairobi, Kenya. 

September 23, 2010: Participated in the deliberations with a strategic consultant hired to review Oxfam human rights work in connection with other humanitarian programmes, to look into the effectiveness and risks of human rights work in the different parts of Somalia.

1st November 2010: Attended Oxfam’s annual Somalia face to face meeting, 1st November 2010; held in Nairobi. The information attained was utilised for Oxfam’s strategic planning for intervention in Somalia.

 October 27-28, 2009: Attended Oxfam (Novib /International) strategic discussions held in Nairobi, Kenya between 27 and 30 October and made a presentation on the humanitarian situation and action in South-Central Somalia (views from the field). Oxfam coined a presentation by an Oxfam Novib partner on "An inside view of the humanitarian situation in South-Central Somalia, and the response of local and international NGOs".

December 1-5, 2009: Emergency Livelihood Project Review and Training Workshop for Project Management organized and facilitated by Oxfam held in Hargeisa.

July 17-19, 2007: Attended Oxfam Core Country Evaluation Workshop for Somalia held in Hargeisa

March 17 22, 2005: Participated in Program Review Structure, 

Organizational Development Capacity Building held in 

Mogadishu, Somalia.


October 31 Nov.4, 2004: Participated Human Resource

 management workshop held in Mogadishu, Somalia.


March 13-19, 2004: Attended Planning, monitoring and evaluation (PME) workshop held in Mogadishu, Somalia

February 15-27, 2004: Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) training workshop for emergency and development programs, held in Mogadishu, Somalia.


October 2003-April 2004: Participated institutional capacity building program sponsored By Oxfam Novib, the Netherlands


September 17-21, 2001: Participated Training on senior level NGO managers held in Nairobi, Kenya

April 1-31st August 2001: Participated organizational

development workshop held in Mogadishu.


August 22nd 25th 2000: Participated in the Somalia country Workshop on fundraising resource mobilization and organizational development held in Nairobi – Kenya

September 1999: Successfully completed course on advance computer training held in Nairobi – Kenya.

November 1989: Successfully completed a course on basic computer training held in Nairobi – Kenya.

July 1988 – 1990: Participated in the following seminars and in-service trainings courses held at technical and commercial teachers college organized by the UNDP/UNESCO Somalia government project of upgrading of technical and commercial education SOM/86/012.

  • Curriculum Design and development workshop.
  • Teaching Math and science at technical and commercial teachers college.
  • Methodology of teaching and evaluation.
  • Design of instructional materials
  • Civil Engineering courses.
  • Reviewing and finalizing Technical Secondary school curriculum document.


December 1989: Successfully completed a course of English for academic purposes sponsored by the Somalia institute of administration and management Development

(SIDAM) in cooperation with the University of New York

at Suny, Albany.


May 1985: Successfully completed a seminar on introduction to marketing jointly sponsored by the California state university, Fresno, and Somalia institute of Development administration and management.

April 1985: Attended a course on purchasing held at Somalia institute of administration and management (SIMAD).

  1. 8.     Language and degree of proficiency



























  1. 9.     Countries of Work Experience

Kenya and Somalia

  1. 10.  Employment Record




Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Federal Republic of Somalia

Mogadishu, Somalia


May 1, 2019

October ,2020

Centre for Education and Development (CED)

Mogadishu, Somalia

Chairman of the Board of Directors

March 2017

April 2019

Centre for Education and Development (CED)

Mogadishu, Somalia

Executive Director and Founder

December 30, 2004

November 4 2016

Daryeel Bulsho Guud

Mogadishu, Somalia

Head of Programme and Member of Management Team

January 2004

November 2004

Diakonie Bread for the World-Germany (DBG)

Mogadishu, Somalia

Program Manager and Member of Management Team

October 1998

December 2003

Diakonie Bread for the World-Germany (DBG)

Mogadishu, Somalia

Assistant Project Officer

March 1997

September 1998

Somali National University, Technical and Commercial Teachers College

Mogadishu, Somalia

Assistant Lecturer

December 1985

November 1990

Ministry of Education

Mogadishu, Somalia 

Teacher, Mogadishu Technical Institute and Secondary Schools

November 1984

November 1985

11. Relevant experience

Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Federal Republic of Somalia
Mogadishu, Somalia

Key Responsibilities:

  • Formulation and implementation of trade and industry policies, and activities related to multilateral and bilateral commercial relations, state trading, and export promotion, and feasibility studies.  
  • Promote trade, investment, and industrial and private sector development for sustainable economic growth and job creation
  • Develop and implement decisions on polices for trade, investment and industrial development
  • Meet delegations and conduct negotiation on matters related to trade and investment promotion, and industrial development
  • Represent the interest of the government and the people of Somalia in the matters related to trade, investment, and industry
  • Lead on the Public Private Dialogue for Somalia, Doing Business Agenda, trade facilitation and establishment of One-Stop-Shop for trade and investment
  • Oversee multilateral and bilateral trade negotiation, and strengthen international trade relations for improved trade balance and new markets
  • Organize and supervise technical team for trade negotiation and implementation of international trade agreements
  • Engage experts to provide advice to improve trade and investment climate, engage private sector and build capacities for both the Ministry’s staff and the private sector
  • Generate trade information for result based policy decision and for use by the trade negotiation team to strengthen their position


Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Legal, policies and regulatory reform: Company Law, Bureau of Standards Act, Trademark Law, License law,
  • Industrial Zone and Special Economic Zone: Market analysis, develop master plan, identify suitable locations and sectors
  • Ease of Doing Business: Business reform agenda and engagement of relevant institutions
  • Trade Facilitation: WTO Accession, COMESA, AfCTA, Horn of Africa Initiative and bilateral trade and economic cooperation with strategic partners
  • Public Private Dialogue: private sector development and discussion on key issue pertaining trade and investment, SME and industrial development for sustainable economic growth, entrepreneurship, and job creation
  • Automated Business Registration System to improve doing business in Somalia


Centre for Education and Development (CED)

Mogadishu, Somalia

Chairman of the Board of Directors



  • Govern the organization Provide directions for the organization and recruitment for the senior management for the operation
  • Establish governance-based system and provide continuity for the organization
  • Govern the relationship between the organization, leadership and the board through broad policies and objectives
  • Fiduciary duty to represent and protect the organization’s asset
  • Monitor and control functions of the organization such as auditing and recruitment of auditor
  • Acquire sufficient resource for the organization’s operation
  • Account to the stockholders


Specific Responsibilities

  • Determine organization’s mission and vision, and ensure effective planning and adequate resource
  • Selection, support and performance review of the executive
  • Manage resource effectively and enhance the image of the organization
  • Assessing and developing skills and serve on committees, task force and special assignment
  • Time commitment


Centre for Education and Development (CED)

Mogadishu, Somalia

Executive Director and Founder

Centre for Education and Development (CED) is non-governmental organization established in 1992 in Mogadishu, Somalia with invaluable support from the local communities. It is duly registered in both Somalia and Kenya. CED leadership is by board of Directors and a competent management team that is concern with daily operation.

Since its inception, CED has been assisting the most vulnerable communities in Somalia affected by man-made and natural disasters and has carried out numerous projects designed at improving the quality of life for ordinary Somalis particularly women, children and youth. CED has a well-established base in Mogadishu and several sub-offices in other regions of Somalia.

My role as the Executive Director is to provide overall leadership, strategic direction, operational management and development of CED programs in Somalia and Kenya in line with CED's vision and values. As the Executive Director, I lead the organization’s mission representing CED's interest in both countries. The position is responsible for program development, management, M&E, strategy development, management of staff and office procedures. My duties also entail research and identification of new donors and solicit funding for programmes. I ensure that all programs are in compliance with grant agreements.

Key Responsibilities and Duties

  • Responsible for the day to day leadership and operations of the programs and management and execution of strategic planning for both countries.
  • Provide strategic leadership and direction of CED's operation, strategic vision and plan for the organization. 
  • Work closely with the Board of Directors, and the senior management team.
  • Maintain effective communication with donors and organizations operating in the region, for coordination and partnership opportunities
  • Develop and Monitor risk management plan and ensure compliance & quality improvements of programme.
  • Responsible for the timely and efficient management, implementation, and monitoring of the organizations finance & administration, program, accounting, logistics, procurements, donor policies and procedures, control and reporting on the resources entrusted CED by donors and partners.
  • Represent CED and ensure participation in NGO sector coordination meetings, events and conferences and identify areas of coordination and collaboration.
  • Maintain strong and positive working relationship with donors, partners, clients, civil society organizations, and local media and government officials and ensure the CED's work is responsive to the needs of partners and beneficiaries.
  • Fund-raising from institutional donors and financial stability of the organization including preparation of concept notes and project proposals in cooperation with the program staff.


Daryeel Bulsho Guud

Mogadishu, Somalia

Head of Programme and Member of Management Team, a non-governmental local organization working in Somalia

General Responsibilities              

Manage, lead and shape a vision for the organization by aligning the strategies, implement the aligned country strategy to provide quality program management; policy and advocacy work as well as lead on other organizational systems to drive the needed change agenda at the national level.

Responsible for overall leadership in planning, coordination, proposal writings, preparation of budgets, narrative reporting and financial accounting for both CED and donors in appropriate formats. The Head of Program will be responsible for coordinating different programs and ensuring program quality. S/He also replaces the Executive Director in his absence.

Specific Responsibilities

Organizational and Corporate Development

  • Implement and further develop organization's vision, mission, philosophy and principles in line with agreed strategies and organizational priorities.
  • Actively contribute to organization’s development as an international and regional organisation.
  • Maintain regular communication with the Executive Director and across other staff of the organization as appropriate.
  • Provide inputs to corporate activities as and when required, including participation on task forces, training courses and conferences.

Humanitarian Analysis, Programme Development and Implementation

  • Responsible for the production of concept papers, proposals and reports for all new projects according to the strategy or in response to new emergencies.
  • Monitor and analyze the evolving humanitarian and development context in the Horn of Africa and present updates to the Executive Director at agreed meetings.
  • Lead and direct the work of the organization in accordance with sound management practice and the organization’s development policies and accountability systems.
  • Ensure that the organization has a well balanced, well documented and cost effective programme.
  • Develop the staffs’ capacity to document, disseminate and learn from development work and ensure all reporting is of the highest standard.
  • Manage and encourage co-operative relationships established with various specialist institutions and ensure that these joint initiatives conform to programme objectives.
  • Ensure all programme activities are sensitive to and responsive to changes in the political, social, and economic environments.

Financial Management & Control

  • Ensure that the control of expenditure and the disbursement of resources are in accordance with established procedures and maintain the financial and legal integrity of the organisation.
  • Provide progress and financial reports as required by the government and organization’s accountability procedures and as required by other organisations.


Human Resource Development & Management

  • Maintain effective and appropriate staff recruitment, induction, appraisal, remuneration and development practice at all levels to ensure the optimum utilisation and development of its human resources.
  • Manage senior management staff. Ensure a high calibre of staff is recruited while promoting affirmative action within the organisation in favour of women.
  • Encourage a corporate perspective amongst staff and actively promote staff exchange, secondment and development schemes, where these contribute to the meeting of the organization’s programme objectives and priorities.


Relationship with other stakeholders

  • Ensure that the organization operates within the terms and conditions of all legal agreements with the key stakeholders like the Somali National Government.
  • Establish, develop and maintain excellent working relationships with all stakeholders including the respective Government as well as other development partners at all levels.
  • Representation of the organization at key clusters coordination meetings in Nairobi and also in Mogadishu. This includes among others, the Somali Support Secretariat meeting, field level coordination meetings in Mogadishu etc.
  • Ensure maximum visibility of the agency amongst the NGO community
  • Contribute to the creation of a positive image and overall credibility of the organization, notably through the application of the organizations Code of Conduct, ethics, values and stand-point with regard to internal and external actors


Local and External Fundraising, Reporting & Liaison with Donors

  • Ensure a regular flow of information is available to the funding departments and to donors and official funders as required by the various funding mechanisms.
  • Establish and develop working relationships with key donors and actively develop local funding sources appropriate to its resource needs.
  • Participate in donor meetings and communicate relevant information to the Executive Director
  • Represent the organisation in donor, partner and cluster meetings as agreed with ED.
  •  Work with key donor staff to develop and maintain optimum financial and programmatic relationship

Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Encourage the development of appropriate research with a view to improving the quality of field work and influencing changes in policy to improve the quality of life for the poor.
  • Develop and apply a sound project/program monitoring and evaluation system/tools and ensure that the program progress (activities and outputs), results and immediate objectives (outcomes) and impacts are systematically tracked, documented and shared on the basis of the organization’ s and donors’ requirements.
  • Coordinate all assessments, monitoring and evaluation work in close coordination with the Communication and Reporting Officer & M & E Officer
  • Collect and collate all program reports, lessons learned, good practices and success stories in collaboration with the Communication and Reporting Officer and M & E as well as the program team on regular basis

Diakonie Bread for the World-Germany (DBG)

Mogadishu, Somalia

Program Manager and Member of Management Team

Duties and Responsibilities:

Under the overall and supervision of Program Coordinator, the Program Manager provides overall technical expertise and administrative leadership in the program.

Responsible for coordinating different programs and ensuring program quality, designing and writing proposals, report writing, and undertaking needs assessments, monitoring/evaluation, implementation of different programs, and the management and development of staff and resources under the program. The position served as member of the Senior Management Team of DBG.

Key responsibilities include the following.

  • Plan and organize programs implementation processes.
  • Supervise the implementation of all program activities.
  • Monitor and evaluate program activities through regular field visits.
  • Prepare operational work plans and program narrative reports on a timely basis.
  • Produce monthly, quarterly, annual reports, and other reporting requirements.
  • Prepare TOR and contracts for the Program consultants
  • Liaise with donors and represent in field coordination and sectoral meetings.
  • Liaise with local administration to ensure support on the program activities.
  • Collate information from assessments and other sources for planning purposes.
  • Preparation of concept papers and program proposals.
  • Develop Training manuals on different programs
  • Ensure that the knowledge, experience and lessons learned on the projects implementations are documented, validated and disseminated to the donors and communities through communication, workshops and meetings.
  • Guide program personnel in defining work priorities and performance through coaching, and in developing capacity in support of program activities.
  • Conduct training and other capacity development activities.
  • Liaise with donors and represent the organisation in field coordination and sectoral meetings.

Diakonie Bread for the World-Germany (DBG)

Mogadishu, Somalia

Assistant Project Officer

Key responsibilities include the following.

  • Providing continuous assessment of the situation and advising on appropriate interventions.
  • Ensure programs are managed in line with program proposals, approved budgets and timelines.
  • Initiate and conduct field assessments and baseline survey and impact assessments.
  • Preparing regular daily updates, weekly reports, monthly and quarterly reports and updates and yearly organizational reports on program activities and the general situation for programs to donors as agreed.
  • Ensure the production of good quality, accurate, timely proposals and reports both for donors and internal use.
  • Encourage innovations and ensure that lessons learned are documented and shared and encourage application of such learning where appropriate.
  • Closely monitoring the security situation in the program area.
  • Maintaining strong links with community leaders, NGOs, etc.
  • Provide coordination and support to DBG emergency response preparedness and interventions.
  • Assist DBG Program Coordinator in all matters related to the day to day managements of the organizations program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.


Somali National University, Technical and Commercial Teachers College

Mogadishu, Somalia

Assistant Lecturer

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Teaching undergraduate students (civil engineering department).
  • Supervising the working conditions of the surveying equipment of the College.
  • Writing, revising and upgrading the curriculum of Somali technical Secondary Schools.
  • Preparing and conducting short courses to Somali technical Secondary Schools.

Ministry of Education

Mogadishu Technical Institute and Secondary Schools

Mogadishu, Somalia

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Teaching at Technical subjects at Mogadishu Technical Institute Students
  • Designing and revising the Technical Secondary School Curriculum.
  • Teaching English and Somali Languages to the Secondary Schools as a part-time Teacher
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